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Submarine springs found along the coast of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula produce water with a naturally low pH (relatively high acidity) providing conditions similar to those expected to become widespread as the oceans absorb carbon dioxide.

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Not only have the symbionts and specific species been shown to shift, but there seems to be a certain growth rate favorable to selection. Slower-growing but more heat-tolerant corals have become more common.[82] The changes in temperature and acclimation are complex. Some reefs in current shadows represent a refugium location that will help them adjust to the disparity in the environment even if eventually the temperatures may rise more quickly there than in other locations.

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Increasing sea temperatures in tropical regions (~1 degree C) the last century have caused major coral bleaching, death, and therefore shrinking coral populations since although they are able to adapt saiba mais and acclimate, it is uncertain if this evolutionary process will happen quickly enough to prevent major reduction of their numbers.[77]

[10] In most corals, the tentacles are retracted by day and spread out at night to catch plankton and other small organisms. Shallow water species aqui of both stony and soft corals can be zooxanthellate, the corals supplementing their plankton diet with the products of photosynthesis produced by these symbionts.[oito] The polyps interconnect by a complex and well-developed system of gastrovascular canals, allowing significant veja mais sharing of nutrients and symbionts.[11]

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Many corals, as well as other cnidarian groups such as aqui sea anemones form a symbiotic relationship with a class of dinoflagellate algae, zooxanthellae of the genus Symbiodinium, which can form as much as 30% of the tissue of a polyp.[16]:23-24 Typically, each polyp harbors one species of mais alga, and coral species show a preference for Symbiodinium.[17] Young corals are not born with zooxanthellae, but acquire the algae from the surrounding environment, including the water column and local sediment.

A coral "group" is a colony of myriad genetically identical polyps. Each polyp is a sac-like animal typically only a few millimeters in diameter and a few centimeters in length. A set of tentacles surround a central mouth opening. An exoskeleton is excreted near the base.

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